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Mosquito Identification

It’s easy to mistake mosquitoes for similar-looking insects. The main features you can look for to tell mosquitoes apart from other bugs are their tiny bodies and long proboscis.

Mosquitoes have to find a source of standing water to lay their eggs in. This can be as large as ponds and pools or as small as buckets, birdbaths, gutters, puddles, and anywhere else rainwater collects.

Mosquitoes most often only live for a month or two. They have a very rapid life cycle, reaching adulthood only about two weeks after they hatch from their eggs. Learn more about their life cycle!

Are you a “mosquito magnet?” There are multiple factors that play into what makes someone attractive to mosquitoes. Blood type, natural scent, and activity all contribute to mosquito attraction.

Mosquitoes do not only feed on blood, as many people believe. In fact, only the female mosquito needs to feed on blood, and she does so in order to facilitate the reproductive process.

Mosquitoes are widely infamous for their bites. Thankfully, these bites usually heal within a few days and only result in mild symptoms. Read here to learn how to identify their bites.

Mosquitoes cannot actually transmit HIV, although they were believed to for some time. When mosquitoes feed on a host, they do not inject any blood, which is where the virus lives.

Mosquitoes are notorious disease-spreaders, known to transmit some of the world’s most dangerous diseases. These range from West Nile virus to Zika virus and malaria. Learn about these diseases here. 

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