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Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Mosquito traps are becoming more effective solutions for controlling mosquito populations as the technology behind them advances. Modern mosquito traps can target female mosquitoes to deliberately disrupt the reproductive cycle.

There are plenty of options to choose from when picking a mosquito trap, and most of them can contribute to a noticeable reduction in mosquito populations around you.

Do mosquito traps really work in Aberdeen, NC - Aberdeen Exterminating 

How Do Traps Attract Mosquitoes?

There are many different types of mosquito traps that all work in different ways. Here are some things to know about mosquito traps:

  1. Most traps are geared to attract female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite.
  2. Mosquito traps often mimic scents and other signals that mosquitoes use to find hosts. 
  3. Carbon dioxide, heat, fragrances, and light are the most commonly used signals in mosquito traps.
  4. There are multiple strategies these products can use to trap mosquitoes. Some suck mosquitoes in with fans, others have an electrocution mechanism, many use a sticky surface to capture the insects.

How Do Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps Work?

Carbon dioxide is one of the most important signals that mosquitoes use to find hosts. When we exhale, we release carbon dioxide that tells mosquitoes nearby that we’re around. A carbon dioxide mosquito trap mimics this signal by releasing CO2 around areas of heavy mosquito activity. This is usually paired with a fan, electrocution mechanism, or sticky surface that traps the mosquito inside. The goal of carbon dioxide traps is to attract and eliminate female mosquitoes to cut off the reproductive process. 

Do Mosquito Traps Work Well in Moore County?

When it comes to picking the right mosquito trap for your property and your mosquito problem, your best bet is to get the opinion of a local mosquito exterminator. A local expert will understand the habits of mosquitoes around your property and can set up a plan to get rid of mosquitoes most efficiently for you. Reach out to Aberdeen Exterminating to learn more today!

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