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How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Mosquitoes are always looking for places where they can breed. In order to reproduce, they must find a source of standing water to lay their eggs in. This means that limiting the amount of rainwater buildup around your yard will help you keep your mosquito population under control on your own. Take these steps to prevent mosquitoes:

  • Dump out standing water
  • Cover any spas, pools, and birdbaths
  • Put up screens on windows and doors
  • Use fans to block mosquitoes from flying
  • Hire a professional mosquito exterminator for help
How to prevent mosquitoes in your yard in Aberdeen, NC - Aberdeen Exterminating 

Why Do I Have Mosquitoes all over my backyard?

Mosquitoes have a set of favorable conditions that they seek out: warmth, humidity, and ample hiding places. If you live in a climate like ours that experiences hot and humid summers, it’s easy to run into mosquito problems. Living near heavily wooded areas will also increase your chances of dealing with mosquitoes. Most often, though, mosquitoes invade our backyards because they find suitable breeding grounds there, so it’s important to do what you can to keep still water to a minimum.

6 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes in Moore County

These are the six best ways to keep mosquitoes out of your yard on your own:

  1. Eliminate still water. Rainwater collects in buckets, planters, tires, tarps, and more. Mosquitoes will take advantage of any standing water they can find to lay their eggs in.
  2. Get fish or an agitator for ponds. Some fish eat mosquito larvae. You can also go with an agitator which will disrupt the water.
  3. Place screens on windows and doors. Setting up screens on your windows and doors will let you open up your windows for fresh air without letting in bugs.
  4. Keep your yard neat. Make sure your plants are trimmed and your grass is short to prevent water pooling and hiding places.
  5. Install fans. Mosquitoes can’t fly in strong wind, so fans will keep them away from any area you install them in.
  6. Inspect your yard often. Keep watch for pooling rainwater to get rid of around your yard. Dump it out or cover it up when you find it.

How Does a Professional Treatment Prevent Mosquitoes?

If these tips did not help you reduce mosquito numbers around your property, it’s time to work with your local mosquito exterminators to set up a barrier system. Our team at Aberdeen Exterminating can set up an efficient property-wide barrier treatment that keeps mosquitoes away and makes sure that they can’t establish breeding sites in the area.

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