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Mosquito Treatment

Washing mosquito bites with soap and water can relieve some itchiness and help them heal faster. For better itch relief, apply over-the-counter creams with hydrocortisone to your bites. 

You can use mosquito traps, repellents, netting, and more strategies to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. Learn more mosquito control strategies you can try on your Moore County property here.

It is generally recommended to get help from professional mosquito exterminators when you have an infestation in your yard. Learn about the pros and cons of DIY mosquito treatment here.

You should start mosquito treatment before their season kicks into gear. Around Moore County NC, March is typically the best time to start with mosquito treatment around your property.

Mosquito repellents and barrier treatments are completely safe mosquito control treatment options when administered by a professional exterminator. Learn more about professional mosquito control here!

Barrier treatments are widely regarded as the most effective mosquito treatment option. A barrier treatment involves a custom, targeted approach to mosquito control for an individual property.

Professional mosquito treatments are the best way to ensure that mosquitoes leave your property alone. They can also reduce mosquito numbers over time by making sure that they don’t reproduce nearby.

The average mosquito treatment will hold its effect for one to two months. This makes it important to work with a mosquito exterminator who can return for follow-up when it is needed.

Mosquito Treatment Serving Moore County NC

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