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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Depending on the products used and the success of the application process, mosquito treatments are usually effective for one to two months. Weather, environment, and the size of the mosquito population in the area all contribute to how long a barrier system holds its power for. When you work with a professional mosquito expert for treatment, they can determine the best time to reapply mosquito control products.

The goal is to make sure that your yard is mosquito-proof throughout mosquito season, which makes it necessary to follow up with multiple treatments.

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How Many Mosquito Treatments will I need?

You will most likely need more than one mosquito treatment to protect your yard against  mosquitoes through the spring and summer. After about a month, most repellent systems start to fade in power, degrading the barrier around your property. Rather than let mosquitoes freely establish a breeding population in your yard, it’s important to keep up your prevention measures against them until the temperatures drop to unsustainable levels again.

How Often Should I Have Mosquito Treatment?

You should still be keeping watch around your yard for mosquito activity after your treatment is applied to ensure that no breeding sites were missed. Add these steps to your routine to keep mosquitoes away:
  1. Perform a weekly inspection through the spring and summer to look for signs of mosquito activity.
  2. Pour out or cover any containers that have collected standing water.
  3. Use a fan when spending time outdoors to block mosquitoes with the wind. 

Mosquito Treatment Timing

Mosquito treatment should start in the early spring months and last until temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit consistently. After your initial treatment, your exterminator should be available to assess the strength or your barrier and determine when your property should be retreated. This could be anywhere from 4-8 weeks after the treatment is first applied. If you notice that your repellent system is failing, it’s important to always get in contact with your exterminator to tell them.

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