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Veterans of the hospitality know just how crucial it is to keep a hotel free of pests. Especially when it comes to bed bugs and cockroaches, the two most prominent pest issues facing the hospitality industry, an infestation can generate bad reviews and a damaged reputation.

Guests of a hotel expect that their room is going to be clean and free of pests. It’s important to hire professional exterminators to ensure that this standard is met. Our integrated pest management principles ensure that our services will keep your hotel pest-free year-round!

The Best Pest Control for Hotels

Whether it be ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, or more, hotels are likely to experience all sorts of pest problems. Spotting just one of these pests can put a serious damper on your hotel’s reputation.

It’s widely known that bed bugs are the most common pest problem plaguing the hospitality industry. Bed bugs are known to spread with help from travelers, latching on to suitcases and sneaking through walls to move between rooms. The best way to keep your hotel guests safe from bed bugs and other pests is to work with a professional exterminator with experience in hotels. 

Our Pest Management in Moore County Hotels

When it comes to pest control in the hospitality industry, it’s crucial to hire a pest control company that can keep your building pest-free all year long. When you work with Aberdeen Exterminating, you can expect the following course of action:

  1. A complete hotel inspection of the interior and surrounding grounds
  2. Documentation of infestation details and the conditions that may be causing the outbreak
  3. Development of an extermination plan that suits your hotel and adheres to your regulations
  4. Closing of pest access points or other efforts to control the infestation’s source
  5. Continued visits as needed to keep your hotel or bed-and-breakfast pest-free

Effective Hotels & Hospitality Pest Control Programs

Pest infestations in hotels can cause anything from a decrease in guests to tanking reviews, to even a complete shutdown! To make sure your business stays running at its best, look to the experts at Aberdeen Exterminating for industry-leading hospitality pest control in the Moore County area. To learn more about how we can conduct hotels & hospitality pest control for you, contact us today!

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