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Whether you own a retail business or are experienced in the industry, you know how important customer service is for a successful business. Just one pest infestation can drive customers away for good and ruin your reputation. Whether you need clothing, warehouse, or retail pest control, it’s always important to rely on a professional pest control company.

Aberdeen Exterminating has been helping retail businesses in Moore County stay pest-free for over 60 years. Read on to learn more about how we can help you!

Why Pest Control for Retail Stores is Important

No one wants to go out shopping to look down and see a darting rat or an ant trail. Retail stores have a difficult time avoiding pest infestations because of the amount of foot traffic they receive on a daily basis. Some of the usual pests we see in retail properties are:

Our Methods for Retail Pest Control

To keep pests outside and customers coming back, it’s crucial to have your pest control handled by a professional exterminator with experience in retail. Our pest control for retail stores follows this plan:

  1. A holistic inspection of the retail building and surrounding property
  2. Determination of active pest pressures and their sources
  3. Development of a plan that suits your business and its regulations
  4. Closing of pest entryways or other measures to stop the infestation
  5. Continual visits as necessary to ensure your building remains pest-free

Industry-Leading Pest Control for Retail Stores

If you’re a retail store owner, you know just how crucial it is to maintain a consistent customer base. This cannot be achieved without a pristine environment free of any pest issues. Aberdeen Exterminating is proud to have protected the reputations of retail stores across Moore County through our top-of-the-line program. With regular inspections and preventative measures, you can ensure that you’re creating a clean and safe environment for your customers. For more information on our services, contact us today!

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