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Our team at Aberdeen Exterminating understands how important it is to use strictly the safest pest control products and strategies for daycares and schools. Taking a gentle and simultaneously effective approach to pest control allows us to deal with pests while also keeping the safety of our children and our environment in our top priorities. 

Safety-Oriented Pest Control in Schools

Schools are at risk for many kinds of pest outbreaks, including ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, and more. Having pests in your school or daycare will not only cause discomfort and risk for students and staff, but it can also put your reputation in jeopardy. At Aberdeen Exterminating, we focus on preventing pest problems before they happen to provide year-round protection against pest infestations. We are also QualityPro-certified, meaning that we use the safest products to keep schools and daycares pest-free. 

Our Pest Control in Daycare Centers and Schools

When it comes to keeping pests out of schools, the best control strategy is prevention. Our schools and daycare pest control methods protocol follows these steps:

  1. A complete assessment of the school or daycare
  2. Identification of present pests and the reasons they are there
  3. Formation of a plan that suits your needs and regulations
  4. Sealing all points of entry or other necessary exclusion efforts
  5. Ongoing visits as necessary to keep your pest problems in check

Why Choose Our School Pest Control Service?

Controlling pests in a school or daycare environment requires the specialized experience of a professional pest control team. The extermination team at Aberdeen Exterminating is committed to using only the safest pest control products and continuing to return to the site until every last pest is gone! To learn more about how we can help your school or daycare center in Moore County, contact us today!

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