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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Moore County?

For ideal protection against mosquitoes, you should have your property treated right before mosquito season starts. However, mosquito treatments can be applied at any time—it’s never too late! Barrier treatments will work to prevent and get rid of mosquitoes whether they’re applied before or during mosquito season. That said, having a mosquito exterminator apply a barrier treatment in early spring is the best defense system. 

When should mosquito treatment start in Aberdeen, NC - Aberdeen Exterminating 

Moore County Mosquito Season

Mosquito season starts at different times around the country because mosquito eggs can only hatch when temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit consistently. This means that mosquito season usually starts in early March here in Moore County NC.  Once it becomes warm enough, mosquitoes start to produce more rapidly, so it’s important to take steps before the season starts to set up a plan that will protect you from mosquitoes through the spring and summer months.

When Do I Need to Start Mosquito Treatment?

Many people wait until they’re dealing with a full-blown mosquito infestation to look into mosquito treatment. At this point, the breeding population of mosquitoes in your yard has already established itself and will be very difficult to clear out. Your best chance at getting rid of them then is to hire a professional mosquito exterminator who can assess your property to find best possible treatment options. Although it might seem early, setting up a mosquito treatment before the season starts will help you keep mosquitoes away all year.

What Time of Day Is Best To Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, so applying mosquito barrier treatments in the early morning hours or just before sunset will yield the best results. When you work with a professional mosquito exterminator to set up your mosquito treatment, they will assess your property to determine the best times to spray, where to spray, and how long to wait before additional applications. 

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