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Most homeowners have had to deal with the frustration of a pest problem at one point or another. Pests are a fact of life here in Moore County, from rodents and cockroaches to ants, termites, and more. To avoid an infestation altogether, it’s crucial to team up with a professional who can put a stop to infestations before they ever begin. That’s where the home pest control experts at Aberdeen Exterminating can help.

Our home exterminators know the importance of keeping pests out of your North Carolina home for the safety of both your property and your family. We will work with you year-round to develop an extermination plan suited to the unique needs of your home.

Do I Need a Home Exterminator?

Even if you think you’re safe from pests, an infestation can occur at any time. Whether its ants in your kitchen or bed bugs brought home from a recent trip, pest problems happen. Your best defense is to work with a professional pest control expert, even for minor infestations.

Left to your own devices, a small pest problem can quickly turn massive and become very, very costly. Prevention is the key to avoiding problems altogether. With regular inspections and preventative services, our home exterminators work to ensure your property is safe from pests all year long.

Pest Control For Homes in North Carolina

When you work with our home exterminators, you can trust we will work with you to determine the best course of action for keeping pests out. Our home pest control process includes the following steps:

  • Annual property inspections: One of our home exterminators will inspect your house for pests, signs of activity, and vulnerabilities that may lead to infestations.
  • Safe pest control treatments: Our exterminators will implement a number of pest control treatments, including sealing cracks and crevices, treating nests or trails, and applying bait in your home in a safe and discreet manner.
  • Custom pest management plans: Our team will customize a treatment plan for your specific pest problem. Our approach to preventative pest control combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques with the latest pest control products and materials.

Trusted Home Pest Control Services

Aberdeen Exterminating is your answer to pest-free living. Our experts live in the area and know the common pest problems faced by Moore County residents. By focusing on preventing pest problems, we promise to protect you from pests throughout the entire year. For more information on our pest control for homes or to set up an inspection, contact us today!

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