How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

Ants in a bathroom in Moore County NC - Aberdeen Exterminating

Ants are a tricky pest to prevent. Many of the bugs living around Moore County NC are seasonal pests, meaning that we know what season they’re going to come around and when their presence will eventually subside. With ants, however, we never quite know when we’re going to have to take care of an infestation. Ants usually emerge during rapid temperature changes to look for the resources that they’re starting to lack. This usually means that they’ll target your bathroom or other places where moisture builds up in your home. If you’re dealing with an infestation, read on to learn how to get rid of ants in the bathroom with Aberdeen Exterminating!

Why Are There Ants in the Bathroom?

The main reason for having ants in your bathroom is usually a moisture problem. Ants will take advantage of the water that pools up in your shower, in your sink, or on your floor for an accessible water source. More particularly, carpenter ants often infest bathrooms because of the damp, moisture-damaged wood that they can tunnel through to create their nests. All kinds of ant species have an easy time infesting bathrooms, though. This is because of the accessibility of most bathrooms. Ants often get into our bathrooms in these ways:

  • Finding cracks in foundation and walls
  • Forming trails through open windows
  • Traveling through gaps around plumbing fixtures
  • Sneaking in through ventilation openings

Ants might also make their way into your bathroom from your kitchen or elsewhere in your house, so it’s important to locate the source of their trail, if possible.

Getting Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

Finding where your ants are coming from is the most important part of ant removal, but this can be a difficult task when ants travel through walls, pipes, and tiny gaps that you might not even notice. This makes it key to prevent ants before they arrive. Here are some ant prevention strategies that we recommend:

  • Ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated
  • Address all plumbing fixtures to check for leaks and cracks
  • Replace water-damaged wood
  • Seal any cracks and crevices leading in from outside of your home
  • Move mulch away from your siding and trim plants away from your home’s exterior
  • Make sure that your windows and doors seal properly

Who Can Help Get Rid of Ants in Moore County NC?

If you can’t find the source of your ant problem, it’s time to involve your local pest control company. At Aberdeen Exterminating, we train our ant removal experts to pinpoint all active ant colonies in your home and around your property in order to stop your ant infestation at its source. With safe and effective ant control products and refined strategies, we can keep your home ant-free all year long. Reach out today to learn more about our ant extermination services and receive a free quote!

Why Are Mosquitoes Biting Me?

What mosquitoes look like in Moore County NC - Aberdeen Exterminating

You may have heard someone you know refer to themselves as a “mosquito magnet”—you might even be one yourself! But have you ever gone beyond accepting your fate to wonder why? The truth is, we don’t know everything about why mosquitoes choose certain people over others to target, but we do know that everyone is susceptible to mosquito bites, and everyone can take a few certain precautions to lessen their chances of being bitten by mosquitoes when spring rolls around. If you want to avoid mosquito bites in Moore County NC this year, read on for advice from the mosquito control experts at Aberdeen Exterminating!

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Certain People?

While we know a number of sensory triggers that mosquitoes use to identify hosts to feed on, it’s difficult to specify distinct and measurable characteristics in humans that make some of us more vulnerable to their bites. One important fact to note, though, is that the more physically active we are outdoors and around their breeding grounds, the higher our chances of being bitten are. This is because mosquitoes sense for these three things:

  1. Breath: The carbon dioxide that we emit through exhalation is the main indicator of nearby hosts to mosquitoes. Of course, more physical activity means more rapid breathing, releasing more CO2 in the process.
  2. Body odor: Our natural body odors become stronger through perspiration caused by physical activity. However, certain perfumes or dietary choices seem to also play a role in mosquito attraction.
  3. Temperature: When our body temperature heats up after a duration of physical activity, we become more easily detectable to mosquitoes.

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Moore County NC

At this point, you might be thinking, “Well, I can’t just stay inside all spring and summer!” So how can you avoid mosquito bites while still getting active outdoors? There are a few different ways to go about this:

  • Avoid or get rid of standing water: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and will make use of even the tiniest sources. Check around your yard for pooling standing water in gutters, planter boxes, bird baths, and other places where rainwater collects. You should also avoid planning outdoor activities around ponds or other natural standing water sources at dawn and dusk.
  • Choose clothes strategically: It has been proven that white or light-colored clothing can deter mosquitoes. This is because dark colors trap heat and raise your internal body temperature. Additionally, even though it can be a tough choice in the heat, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants will greatly reduce your chances of bites.
  • Use EPA-approved insect repellent: Bug sprays that use DEET or picaridin are your most powerful safe options to protect your skin from mosquito bites. Lemon eucalyptus and citronella oil are helpful all-natural alternatives.

Need Professional Mosquito Extermination?

You don’t have to deal with mosquito bites year after year. To protect your family from mosquito bites on your property, reach out to your local mosquito exterminators. The team at Aberdeen Exterminating can set up a professional barrier treatment that keeps your yard mosquito-free for months. Reach out today for a free quote!

Identifying & Preventing Flying Termites

Flying termites in Moore County NC - Aberdeen Exterminating

Spring is nearly here, and with it, hoards of swarming insects. One of the most concerning pests we deal with here in North Carolina is the termite. While these destructive pests are active year-round, springtime is when they are known to begin swarming and infesting new areas. For that reason, it’s crucial to be on the lookout for flying termites this time of year and to know how to prevent them from getting indoors. At Aberdeen Exterminating, we know how distressing the thought of a termite infestation is. Our experts are here to share everything you need to know about flying termites, from identifying them to getting rid of them for good.

What to Know About Flying Termites

Seeing flying termites in or near your home is one of the biggest indicators of a potential infestation. This makes it imperative to always keep an eye out for these pests. Also known as “swarmers” or “alates”, flying termites are black to brown in color and measure 3/8″ long including the wings. Their wings are translucent to slightly milky or smoky in color. Their wings may overlap and are typically as long as or slightly longer than the body.

Flying termites typically swarm in the spring and find their way into structures around basement windows, doorways, near porches, or any other area where wood comes into contact with soil. A mature colony can slowly devour your structure without you even noticing, which is why it’s important to have preventative measures in place.

How to Prevent Termite Swarms

Especially in the spring, it’s crucial to always be on the lookout for signs of flying termites. The good news is that there are several things you can do to make your property less penetrable to these wood-destroying insects. Some of the top tips to prevent flying termites in your North Carolina home include the following.

  1. Store all firewood away from the perimeter of your home.
  2. Repair issues with your plumbing to avoid any leaks or moisture that could attract termites.
  3. Clear your yard of any rotting wood, trees, etc. Ensure your porch or deck is maintained.
  4. Keep all mulch away from the foundation of your home.
  5. Work with a professional termite control expert to implement treatments that repel termites.

Worried About Termites in Your Home?

Whether you suspect an active termite infestation or noticed flying termites near your home, you’re going to need help to get rid of them! The best defense against a wood-destroying insect infestation is to get annual inspections from a professional pest control company such as Aberdeen Exterminating. Contact us today to learn more about preventing flying termites near your home year-round.

How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches in Your Home

A German cockroach in Aberdeen NC - Aberdeen Exterminating

Are you seeing small, pale brown cockroaches in your kitchen or bathroom? Chances are that you’re dealing with a German cockroach infestation. Despite what their name might lead you to believe, German cockroaches are some of the most common roaches found in the United States. They have been infesting our houses, apartments, and businesses in Aberdeen NC for many years. If you’re wondering how to get rid of German cockroaches in your home, read on for expert advice from the technicians at Aberdeen Exterminating!

Identifying German Cockroaches

So you’re sure you’ve found roaches in your home, but do you know which kind they are? Identifying the species of cockroach on your property will help you narrow down the causes and sources of your infestation, allowing you to prevent problems down the line.

German cockroaches have a few distinct features that you can identify them by:

  • They are pale brown in color with two darker stripes running down their bodies, stemming from their heads
  • They are smaller than most cockroaches in Aberdeen NC, maxing out around 5/8” in length
  • You will most likely see them under cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom

German cockroaches are the fastest-breeding species of cockroach in the area, so if you think you’ve found some in your home, you must attend to them quickly. In a perfect environment, a single cockroach mother and her offspring can produce thousands of new cockroaches in one year.

How to Get Rid of a German Cockroach Infestation

Many people look to natural or do-it-yourself methods of cockroach removal when they discover an infestation in their home. One of the most common approaches to DIY roach control is using boric acid. When roaches walk through boric acid, they then groom themselves and end up injecting the toxins. However, this method fails to address the source of the infestation more often than not, and boric acid can be dangerous to place in a home with pets or children.

The best way to get rid of German cockroaches is to team up with a professional cockroach control team who can find and eliminate the source of your infestation.

Professional Cockroach Control in Aberdeen NC

If you’re wondering how to get rid of German cockroaches for good, reach out to your local pest control company and ask how they can help. At Aberdeen Exterminating, we train our roach control team to conduct exhaustive inspections, eliminating all sources of infestation and helping our customers prevent outbreaks going forward. Contact us today for a free quote!

How to Inspect a Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

Inspecting hotel bed for bed bugs in Moore County NC - Aberdeen Exterminating

A hotel room—no matter whether at a five-star resort or a roadside motel—is one of the most common harborages for bed bugs. Whether you work for a local hotel or have an upcoming trip, it’s imperative that you are vigilant about the risk of these pests. According to PestWorld, hotel rooms are one of the top three places where people encounter bed bugs. The resurgence of bed bugs has increased drastically over the past decade and is experiencing another surge as people are traveling again after the pandemic.

At Aberdeen Exterminating, we know how distressing it can be to deal with bed bugs as a home or business owner. In this blog, we’ll outline our checklist for hotel bed bug inspections for hotel employees and travelers alike.

Are Bed Bugs in Hotels Common?

Found nationwide, bed bugs are an increasingly common occurrence not just in residential homes, but hotels. But why are hotels susceptible to these pests? The main reason is that bed bugs are known as “hitchhiking” pests that can hide out in mattresses, bed frames, and other parts of a room just waiting for new hosts to arrive. In a hotel, bed bugs are rarely lacking a meal source. Because these pests have seen such a resurgence in hotels, it’s crucial to always be on the lookout for bed bugs when traveling.

Checklist for Hotel Bed Bug Inspections

No matter whether you work in housekeeping or are going to be a guest at a hotel, the same checklist applies for inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs. Here’s where to check for the bugs:

  • Mattress, box spring & bed frame
  • Sofas, chairs, pillows, & other seating
  • Wardrobes, dressers, & baseboards
  • Nightstands and wall fixtures
  • Closet items

Check out our in-depth guide to hotel bed bug inspections here.

Ready For Professional Bed Bug Treatment?

If you think you’ve spotted bed bugs in your hotel, let the managers know immediately. This helps to limit the spread of pests. By working closely with bed bug control professionals like those of us here at Aberdeen Exterminating, you can trust the best bed bug treatments are used to keep these pests gone for good. Contact us today!

How Quickly Do Mice Reproduce?

Group of mice in Aberdeen NC Home - Aberdeen Exterminating

One of the most concerning things about a mice infestation is the fact that seeing even a couple or few rodents around can signal a serious problem. This is because rodents—mice in particular—have a very rapid rate of reproduction. The mouse life cycle is so quick that young mice can reach sexual maturity at just a month old. Unfortunately, this means that even one or two mice in your garage one week can grow exponentially in a manner of weeks. This is why it’s so imperative to learn how to prevent mice from breeding in your home in the first place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know with the experts at Aberdeen Exterminating!

The Dangers of a Small Mouse Problem

If you see a single mouse running around your garage, you may be compelled to leave a trap or two out—or perhaps brush it off entirely. The truth is, it just takes one male and one female mouse to start a full-blown infestation. Here’s what to know:

  1. As mentioned before, young mice reach breeding age at 4–6 weeks of age.
  2. One mouse can give birth to 5 or 6 babies after just a three-week gestation period—and can do so up to 10 times a year.
  3. These female mice can mate immediately after giving birth, meaning mice can birth a second litter in as little as 25 days after the first.

What to Know About the Mouse Life Cycle

The life cycle of a mouse makes it easy to see why these rodents are such common pests in our region. Although the average mouse lifespan is only about 12 months outdoors, they can live for nearly 2 or 3 years in an indoor environment. Living indoors also enables mice to breed more rapidly, as they are unable to reproduce in the winter if outdoors. Inside the comfort of your home, rodents are safe from predators like owls, hawks, and cats. This is why a small rodent problem inside your Aberdeen home can quickly become a full-blown infestation.

How to Stop the Reproduction Rate of Mice

If you want to avoid mice breeding like rabbits inside your home, it’s important to learn how to prevent these pests in the first place. Even more important is learning how to recognize the early signs of rodents in your home—noises, droppings, and more. By stopping a small mouse problem, you can avoid the inevitable infestation. The rodent exterminators at Aberdeen Exterminating are happy to help by implementing the best mouse prevention tactics. Contact us today to learn more!